20 Great Kid’s Playroom Ideas

Looking for the perfect playroom design? Check out these 20 Great Kid’s Playroom Ideas!

kid's playroom with built playhouse 9

The playhouse in the Bohemian House was built by .  A contractor with a great millwork shop.

A closet was renovated into a playhouse for two sisters

A closet was renovated into a playhouse for two sisters.

awesome kids playroom

green kids playroom

nautical kid;s playroom

Kids get so carried away by boat, out to the sea of their fantasies, that even the furniture starts taking the form of ships and lighthouses, and the carpet becomes part of the water and the sand.


kid's neutral playroom 4

kid's playroom 5

kid's playroom modern design

kid's farmers market playroom 7

Farmer’s market playroom by Pottery Barn Kids.

kid's artist storage playroom

Kid’s artist storage playroom by Pottery Barn Kids.

kid's playroom with climbing wall and slide

Kid’s playroom with climbing wall and slide by .

purple modern kid's playroom 12

leggo inspired kid's playroom 13

kid's play room eith bubble chairs

attic orange kid's playroom 15

white modern kid's playroom 16

kid's play room 17

blue and red kid's playroom 18

kid's playroom 19

fuchsia kid's playroom

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