Skyline Sofa by Morten Nikolajsen

Skyline Sofa by Morten Nikolajsen

by designed by Morten Nikolajsen for. With a soft and innovative aesthetics Skyline complements the existing collection of HOWE furniture. The untraditional pentagonal shape is harmonious, inspiring and simple at the same time thus making the right conditions for playful and creative environments. The pentagonal modules can be put together in multiple ways and combined with the three different back heights creating a unique Skyline silhouette. The optional removable upholstery for the seating module only increases the functionality to a concept with endless possibilities.

Morten Nikolajsen’s design philosophy is inspired by functionality and playfulness. An inspiration that permeates every design process together with his obsession with and fascination for holistic and innovative design.

Skyline sofa by Morten Nikolajsen2

Skyline sofa by Morten Nikolajsen3

Skyline sofa by Morten Nikolajsen4

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