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Mediterranean Home interior

The word home means different things to different people. Nonetheless, there are certain elements that constitute a home. Things like comfy furnishings, coordinated hues, refined textures, extraordinary shapes, and of course the individuals that live there. All of these things create an ideal balance of a home worth enjoying. This is exactly what you get with this spacious abode by TG studio. Elements are brought together to strategically carve the space, creating a cozy home that’s classic yet modern, all put together with panache.

Open floor plans have become all the rage in modern homes today. The days of boxed rooms distinctly defining each room and its exact function are just about long gone. As with this home, modern interiors are about rooms that flow, one into the other, without any visual distractions, only enhancements, that are almost pure and stoic.

For example, in the living room space, chic modernistic furnishings create an aesthetic ambiance. Shades are primarily neutral with hints of richer shades for balance. The modular sofa is the ultimate symbol of high-chic. Svelte rectangular shaped windows, an alcove for quiet contemplation, a fire place, and various other home decor accents make this room the height of modern signature.

Something else this home brings to mind is the very famous adagio “less is more.” There’s no doubt, these wise words were taken into consideration with this stunningly decorated home. The kitchen area is “barely there” yet it has a strong presence. Unique pieces like the wooden table is extraordinaire and require nothing else to enhance it. Nothing else is required to make it complete.

The exterior area of this residence is the idea example of how to master a large space. Creating small areas within the space makes the setting appear cozier. In fact, this type of setup is carried out throughout the home. The bedrooms are smaller but still carry the identical theme, “less is more.” Unequaled pieces are placed in the right areas to stunning effect.

Accent decorations with ethnic themes saturate the home. From mirrors with circular wooden stick pieces to fringe throws and corded accent rugs. There is even a western feel to the bedroom with bongo styled tables painted in a rhythmic pattern. The entire wooden cave effect is spectacular. It’s beautiful, comfy, and distinctive.

Incorporating an open floor plan in a home such as this, takes careful planning. Perfecting the concept of division without going to far away from the overall style of the abode is no easy feat. The bathroom is earthy, natural, raw, yet this room also blends with the entire concept of the living space. Azure waters captivate the imagination in the outside swimming pool. Planning and decorating the interior of a residence such as this involves utilizing available space to the hilt, and this home does it well.


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Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of Savingcoupon.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram


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