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Paint Color Idea: Warm White

Paint Color Idea: Warm White

Nothing creates more room in comparatively cramped spaces than the perfect use of color and light. The love of the all-white interior look is versatile, which is probably why interior designers adore it. Dreamy and whisked-to-perfection, Whipped is the warmest of CLARE's whites with a soft, delicate feel. Their best white for...

Interiors That Feels Like Home

Interiors That Feels Like Home

Since launching in 2007, Kate Marker Interiors has accumulated an extensive working knowledge on a broad range of projects; from custom design-build homes to remodels and everything in between. Kate understands the importance of great collaboration between the architect, builder & designer. In doing so she has built solid relationships with...

10 Best Kitchen Wall Color Trends

navy kitchen wall color trend 2

For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of our house. It is the place for relaxing, socializing and generally passing time. Over the years kitchen styles have changed dramatically. We have seen the kooky colors of the 60's evolve into the rustic french farmhouse chic. From minimalistic straight...

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