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Melina Divani

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Creative and Funny Wall Socket Stickers

funny wall socket stickers

Creative and funny wall socket stickers designed by Adrien Gardère. These wall socket decals with animals' figures give different impressions to regular sockets. Adrien Gardère work has 3 axis : products-lights design, furniture, scenography and interior architecture. Without borderline, he creates a smart dialog between know-how and new practices, form durability and...

Singing Bird Cage Clock

antique singing birdcage clock

      A beautiful bird cage clock made circa 1780 and singing 7 tunes on the hour. Toward the end of the 17th century, it was a popular pastime to raise canary birds and teach them to sing. This fashion was the inspiration for the decorative objects using singing...

Dada Kitchen Designs

dada purple kitchen design ideas

INDada by Dada is an innovative kitchen design, dedicated to the new generations, a young public and above all to taste. Generations that are ever more aware of what they want and able to make their own choices, in a balanced mix between creativity and flexibility. INDada answers this challenge,...

10 Dream Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

modern master bedroom neutral color

Master bedroom is an old fashioned name wich persists in the face of changing times because it has always described the most important bedroom in a house. The name master bedroom, conjures up impressions of large houses, big windows, a system of bell signals in the party. Actually it is...

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