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Simple Living In A Modern Environment

Lightful and Fresh Scandinavian modern Apartment interior

Beautifully restored, this lovely turn of the century apartment has kept many of its distinctive features and interesting layout. With high ceilings and stunning decorative moldings, semi-glossed hardwood floors, and mirrored doors, this apartment is chic, comfortable, and tantalizing. The décor has a distinguishing style without compromising functionality. From the...

10 Bright Ideas For Your Home

dark colored gray sofa with light neutral pillows

It’s simply incredible how lighting can enhance the appearance and ambiance of a room. Basically a brighter room elicits a cheerful mood and even better emotions. However, it can be tricky getting enough natural light especially if your house is on the dark side. Considering how much positive effect good...

Easy Country Style

Scandinavian Interior With Character

This home's decor is a combination of playfulness and visual artistry. It's brilliantly designed with all the right ingredients that make an interior interesting, modern, and unpretentious. There are no brash hues and no over-the-top components. The decor is interesting, distinctive, and whimsical. The social/living room area includes décor with...