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Brillant Minimalist House Bed

Brillant Minimalist House Bed

Adorable, care-free, fun-loving little boys and girls always ready for great adventures. That's exactly what's in store for them in this awesome children's room by Van Staeyen, that's not just built with their best interest mind, but meant to inspire and encourage their young minds. See for your own eyes...

Amazing Teen Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

Amazing Teen Girl's Bedroom Makeover

When little girls grow up so much about them changes. Their personalities, state of mind and being changes. The flowery linen, the pink and yellows colors and those stuffed animals that were soothing have to go as a new person emerges.  This teen girl's bedroom makeover by Jeanne Oliver Designs is absolutely...

A Room Full Of Candy

A Room Full Of Candy colors 2

If you have ever observed a child inside a candy shop, or come upon a bowl full of candies in multiple hues and flavors, you can have an idea of the extraordinary feelings that well-up when a child steps into this modernized children's room. It's delightfully enchanting with a fascinating...

87 Gray Boys’ Room Ideas

Gray Boys' Room Ideas

When it comes to choosing your little boy's room color it's comprehensible that one gets a little bit indecisive, there are so many choices out there and in reality there is not just one correct way we can go. We always think about the usual blue or green color if...

Kids’ Room Full of Adventure

Kids' Room Full of Adventure

Kids are angels because despite the urge to change their personality every so often, all they pick in all these bouts of change is beauty and simplicity. Maybe that is the fun attached to growing up! This room by  Anna Mikhailovna, captures that; the real spirit that accompanies growing up....