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Cozy Factory Hall Home

Cozy Factory Hall Home

If you’re a fan of vintage, then you’re going to love this house design. More than a decade ago, this was just an empty factory hall with old floors, deteriorated electricity power system and squared off arc windows. It was one of the abandoned architectural jewels in Southern Germany, waiting...

A Fun and Hip Ski Retreat in Tahoe

A Fun and Hip Ski Retreat in Tahoe 3

A Fun and Hip Ski Retreat in Tahoe, designed by Antonio Martins. A bachelor client, for whom we have worked with on two urban residential projects, hired us to create a fun and hip ski retreat in Tahoe. A floor-to-ceiling cold-rolled steel fireplace, highlighted by artistJihoon Choi’s “Pixel Deer”, dominates...

A Home That Appeals To Every Taste!

New York vintage industrialdream penthouse

If you frequently hear or dream about vintage style décor featuring chic modernized dining and living spaces that provide an up-to-date ambiance merging with classic design, this penthouse apartment renovated by interior designer Steve Harivel, fits the bill! It’s an incredible display of vintage collectables and antiques meticulously brought together to...

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