Modern And Stylish Small Apartment

modern black and white apartment 2 interiors

  Modern small apartment decorated with a contemporary interior of black and white. The house touched with a very chic vibe, hanks the two predominant colors in decor. It is beautifully & smartly designed to be not just comfortable but also cheerful and very practical. The loft bedroom provides openness and is really cool! (more…)

Urban Luxury Studio Apartment by Gutman+Lehrer architects

Studio Apartment by Gutman+Lehrer 12

  Urban Luxury Small Studio Apartment by Gutman+Lehrer architects. With so little available space, every decision makes a huge impact. With playful and sophisticated touches, the architects worked with a well-defined palette: white, black and gray. Clever design makes a tiny studio seem downright spacious. Gutman+Lehrer architects makes living in a studio look easy.  (more…)

Modern and Chic Small Space Living

modern small space living ideas by Viktor Csap

Bigger is not necessarily better, living small does not mean less style. Simple material usage. High glossy walnut panels, matte whited oak, and gold accessories. This small modern apartment is so shic and fresh! On it’s 47 square meters you can find clever ideas, harmonius details and exclusive design objects made...

Small Apartment – Big Solutions

small apartments big solutions interior design

Decorating a small apartment can be tricky, but it's a fun challenge. A small apartment doesn't have to be all-white to appear bigger  than it is. Designer makes this small  apartment big with smart organization, multipurpose furniture, and brown colors. The room is large enough to accommodate a seating area, a dining area and a hidden kitchen. The apartment is small but it is very well planned. A small apartment...

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